Friday, March 7, 2014

Evaluate 2.1.1 Data Driven Instruction, Analytics, Reporting Tools

Data Driven Instruction, Analytics, Reporting Tools

Analytics are a vital aspect of online instruction because the usage of data should drive instruction. Whether a teacher is monitoring how a student spends their time in the LMS, it is essential that  online instructors review the analytics in order to provide feedback to students. Teachers can use analytics with quiz and test scores to see which students are struggling, what specific concepts they are struggling with, and what questions a majority of the class may have missed. If one particular question was missed by a large number of students the teacher may want to record a video explaining how to properly answer that question. In addition, the instructor may provide remediation options to ensure student mastery.  

Additionally, analytics allows teachers to track parent communication  through the LMS. Sometimes the LMS will send an automatic email or the instructor can set functions in the LMS to do so. It is important to not only send emails when students are struggling, but also when students are excelling. Teachers can also learn from these analytics to make changes for future years or future semesters. If one particular question is missed a lot the instructor can make changes to the corresponding lessons or learning tasks. If students keep making the same mistake on an assignment, the instructor can edit the instructions to be more clear. If students continually ask the same question about instructions, the teacher can add the answer to that question into the instructions.

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