Saturday, February 22, 2014

Communicate 1.1.1 Definitions of Communication

How have your individual communication skills changed as with the innovations in technology?

The use and innovations of technology has truly alter the way in which I communicate with people and more importantly family. I spend most of the school day responding to parent emails. In the evening, I use FaceTime and Facebook to communicate with friends and family. Social media has changed the way in which I communicate. I have to remember to switch between shorthand communication and traditional communication when composing business related emails. It is important to remember to shift. In addition, emails and written messages carry a tone that is not easily spoken and can be misinterpreted.

How have advancements in technology altered classroom communication? Will these change further?

The recent technological advancements has altered classroom communication. Whether it is sending a tweet to remind students of homework or using Edmodo or a wiki to facilitate literature circles, technology has shifted since I was a high school student. Most school districts are shifting to online grade book and attendance databases. In addition, the scantron has been upgraded to work with programs and scanners to track data, 

Communication in my classroom includes sending tweets so students can be reminded of upcoming assignments as well as using Google Drive to provide feedback of their progress. 

I believe the changes we have seen are small compared to what the future holds. Tablets and EReaders are going to replace most textbooks and students will most likely move away from traditional pen and paper assignments. 

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