Sunday, February 16, 2014

Participate 1.1.3 Ideal Digital Learning Community

The characteristics of my idea Digital Learning Community (DLC) will promote safety, accessibility, and collaboration. It is important that digital learning community is a respectful environment that allows individuals to share their opinions and ideas without fear of being attacked. In addition, a DLC should be accessible to all individuals regardless of disabilities or access to materials. I think it is important that it should be a mobile version of the community for individuals that lack at home Internet access.  Collaboration is essential, so members will be encouraged to share resources, materials, and ideas to encourage learning and improve learning opportunities for all.

The features that would set my DLC apart above others is that it would be consistently monitored for misconduct. It is important that members know that participating in activity that is not reflective of a good digital citizen will have them removed. Members would be given one warning about posting inappropriate or disrespectful content and the content would be removed. A second misuse would result in immediate dismissal from the group.

Qualities required for admittance will be:
  • Good communicators
  • Possess technological skills and knowledge of applications that enhances learning
  • Open to new ideas and thoughts
  • Desire to build relationships and contribute to the advancement of online education 

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