Sunday, February 16, 2014

Participate 4.1.1 Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibility 

As an educator, it is important to set guidelines and rules for accessing and retrieving information from the Internet. Since students have access to a variety of information at a click of a button, it is important to teach them how to synthesize information oppose to just copying and pasting. My plans for ensuring students know and understand their rights and responsibilities. First, I would create a document that lists appropriate uses and behaviors required to use the Internet. In addition, this document will also show students how to cite information and intellectually property correctly. Students will also be provided a learning opportunity to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities as digital citizens. The opportunity will provide students how not to infringe on one’s copyright in an additional how to find resources that are copyrighted. It is important to educated students how to cite, paraphrase, and summarize information accurately.

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