Saturday, February 22, 2014

Communicate 2.1.2 Communication Guidelines

Welcome Email 

  • A welcome email will be sent to both parents and students. The email will included important information like the syllabus, expectations, and communication guidelines. Students will be required to sign up for Remind 101 to receive important course information and remind to check the LMS and email daily for updates. 
  • A welcome phone call will made to each parent and student to ensure that the lines of communication are open. 
  • A welcome video will be post the LMS. It will include important information about the course as well where to locate information within the system. Students will have an opportunity to 

Ongoing Communication 

  • Posting announcements to remind students of upcoming events, assignments, and other pertinent information. 
  • Using Remind 101 and Twitter to delivery important information 
  • Sending emails and making phone calls to discuss student progress, issues, as well as praise.


  • Teacher will keep a communication log of all interaction between parents and teachers 
  • Issues with academic integrity will addressed accordingly. 

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