Sunday, February 16, 2014

Participate 4.1.2 Digital Safety and Security

Digital Safety and Security Forum

What is the most important step we can take in terms of ensuring our digital safety?

Children and adults need to understand maintaining a level of privacy in a time where social media usage is at an all time high is important to ensure our safety. We have to educate individuals on the importance of protecting themselves.

What strategies can we take to help our students consistently keep digital safety in the forefront of their minds?

Students need to be educated about digital safety as well as potential threats. Students can create videos and public service announcements for a variety of target audiences that can highlight the importance of digital safety. Especially with middle school and high school students, it is essential that we make them aware of the dangers of posting inappropriate pictures, fights, and other information that can tarnish their digital footprint. A student’s digital footprint can prevent them from going to college or obtaining a job. Students need to know the consequences of their actions.

Resources   - A guide to teach students about understanding and knowing their digital footprint.  - a government website geared towards students about their digital footprint.  - A blog to help parents understand the importance of helping their children stay sage and secure on the internet.

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