Monday, February 17, 2014

Navigate 3.1.3 Tools within the LMS

Tools Within the LMS

I used Canvas previously and it consist of the following tools: 

  • Modules- includes the layout or sequencing of course.  
  • Assignments - sort of like checklist of class assignments 
  • Discussions - the collaboration aspect of the course
  • Syllabus - direct link to the syllabus
  • Quizzes - depending on the type of course this can be essential because it allows for immediate feedback
  • Grades - ability for students to track grades as well as measure progress in course. 
  • Announcements -- area to make announcements as well set reminders for assignments 
  • Files - where you can upload information and files for the course. 
  • Outcomes -  area for learning outcomes and objectives. 
  • Collaborations - students are able to work together using websites like Google+ and Hangout

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