Saturday, February 22, 2014

Communicate 1.1.2 Laws of Communication

Laws of Communication

How can one refrain from violating FERPA guidelines in online communication?

As a special education teacher, confidentiality is an important aspect of my daily live. Only sharing important information with required individuals. In an age of technology it is important to be careful in the information we share on social media in regards to student performances as well as their grades. Students' privacy should be upheld when communicating through email. The safest way to avoid FERPA violations is to only share general information through email and opt for phone conversations to discuss some information. Sharing grades and other information 

What methods could be employed to verify that copyright is not being violated?

When wanting to use  copyrighted materials, it is essential that you receive written consent and cite the work properly. Instructors must make sure they are clear about what ways they are allowed to use the work and for what purposes. Violations are not only against the law, but also send a bad message to our students about acceptable use and academic integrity.

Does copyright require that all work, images, words, and graphics must be original?

Copyright does not require that all work, images, words, and graphics must be original. It does require that they may only be used with permission and if they are used with permission they must still be properly cited.

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