Saturday, February 22, 2014

Communicate 2.1.1 Identify Stakeholders

  • Do the descriptions correlate to your perception?

The descriptions provided did correlate to my perception of the stakeholders involved with the K-12 online education. 

  • How can they be expanded upon or described further?

When reading the student's description, I felt that it needed to be developed further to accurately describe the amount of time and dedication necessary in an online course. Student need to be diligent in setting schedules and monitoring their progress to ensure successful progress. In addition, the teacher needs to be willing to coach and frequently be available to the needs of their students within reason. Teachers should create a discussion board, so students can ask questions for all to see the answer. 

  • Are there other stakeholders within an online environment not considered above?

Teachers, parents, students, and administrators are the most important stakeholders. In addition, I think the community places a role in the education of students.  

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