Sunday, February 23, 2014

Communicate 4.1.1 Evaluation Methods and Communication Practices

Evaluation and Communication Practices 

How do communication practices in the online environment correlate to effective feedback?

Communication and effective feedback goes hand and hand in an online classroom especially in the discussion board feedback. By participating in the discussion, instructors have the ability to provide feedback as well as extend student learning. In addition, if a student is struggling, the instructor can get them back on track in their discussion and assignments. 

Why is authentic feedback important for online learners?

Feedback takes the form of many things especially in an online Language Arts course. It is important that teachers are providing feedback that is meaningful to the assignment which is especially important in writing assignments. Students need to be aware of areas that they struggle and given tips to help them improve. 

In what ways might an instructor enrich a student’s online experience through feedback?

In an ELA online course especially as it pertains to writing, the instructor might be able to enrich a student's experience with a one to one writing conference using Google Hangout and Drive. It is a great way for students to hear and receive feedback that will allow them to improve their writing. In addition, by holding conferences, students will be able to help others through peer feedback and eventually notice their own mistakes. 

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