Monday, February 17, 2014

Navigate 2.1.4 Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture 

  • How would the resource function in the online classroom?

Lecture capture will function wonderfully in an online classroom because it will give instructors the opportunity to present information that students can access at a variety of times. Whether it is a narrated powerpoint or a traditional lecture,  lecture capture allows instructors that ability to provide similar face to face interactions. These type of captures should be limited because if a course is overload with the captures, students will become frustrated. 

  • How would the integration of Lecture Capture modify teaching methods? 

Since it is important to vary instruction, lecture captures are a great way to incorporate different learning styles in the classroom. Teachers can model an assignment, narrate a powerpoint, or demonstrate software during a lecture capture. The instructor can also utilize presentations or guest speakers in this lecture capture focus. 

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