Sunday, February 16, 2014

Navigate 1.2.1 Describe Roles and Functions in Online Learning Environments

Platform Functions

Student Information System
  • Manages student data
  • Allows students to view grades, pay for courses, and register for classes.

Learning Management System  
  • Software or application that manages the organization of online learning
  • Deliveries digital learning materials
  • Documents and tracks e-learning education course
  • Content created by teachers or predetermined curriculum
  • Operates with a variety of functions like grading, discussion boards, course offerings, documents/reading, and checklist to name a few 

Roles in Online Learning

A variety of people are responsible for the delivery of online learning. One individual may be responsible as an administrator or teacher. Some individuals may set the schedule of courses as well as the curriculum that will be followed. Depending on the district, the online learning administrator can be small or large depending on the educational setting.    

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