Monday, February 17, 2014

Navigate 2.1.1 Delivery Methods and the Synchronous Vendor Market

Delivery Methods and the Synchronous Vendor Market 

As the market for online courses increase, the need for in course collaboration grows as well. Synchronous delivery of content allows students and teachers to collaborate more effectively. In addition, students have the ability to review these recorded sessions when a session a missed or for additional support or help. With a variety of delivery methods available to instructors, it is important to understand what your particular needs are in a delivery system. Some programs allow you to do screen shares that are effective when presenting information or teaching content. Majority of the delivery options included video chatting in small groups as well as chat rooms to answer questions. As technology grows, there will be a variety of options to provide synchronous delivery methods. Whether you connect with a computer, tablet, or phone, instructors are able to meet the needs of their students using a variety of methods. 

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